About Us

We are all about creating new ideas, making new products and sometimes losing our heads over how we are going to bring a product or a design to life, artists by heart we love to bring our art in each and every product we make. We draw inspiration from the world around us often stumbling upon our newest creations we couldn’t resist making one for ourselves, and that’s how an idea from a friend to create a wooden watch was the seed to what Pan Coupe is today. In the process of following our passion we realized what we love to do and that is how Pan Coupe was born .Since then we are on a journey of creating things that fascinates our imagination.

Going commercial was never a plan we had in our minds until few like minded people convinced us to create products for them and the appreciation for our creations worked as a fuel which kept us going and building more stuff.

We are working out of a 1200 sq ft workshop based in Indore from where we handle manufacturing, marketing, designing, operations and customer service all under one roof.

They say “Old is Gold”, and we have lots of gold with us!!